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For more than 20 years, the experienced professionals at Polar Teinte Inc. have been guaranteeing clients the best value for their money in window tinting for automobiles, residences and businesses. What’s more, we’re committed to offering you superior-quality results, as well as irreproachable, personalized customer service. Your satisfaction is our top priority!

To tint different parts of your vehicle, we offer a number of different options in high-performance films in various colors and levels of intensity. So don’t hesitate to lend a touch of beauty and style to your automobile, while also extending its useful life. Having a vehicle’s windows and lights (front, rear, fog, parking, etc.) tinted actually protects the vehicle from the damaging effects of sunlight, in addition to shielding the driver from the glare of the sun or the headlights of oncoming traffic. This results in a safer, more pleasant driving experience.

At the same time, you can protect your automobile from dents, scratches and other damage caused by gravel, salt, insects and more by applying a transparent paint-protection film (PPF). Keep your vehicle looking like new for many years to come!

Would you like to change the appearance of certain parts of your automobile? Our professionals provide high-quality auto wrapping services to suit your tastes.

If you’re a business owner, would you like to have the windows of your building tinted? We offer you numerous options in tinting to satisfy all of your needs!

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